Know Your Hosts

Meet Your Summit Hosts
Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Dennis Perman

Dr. Bob Hoffman is the President of The Masters Circle Global, a unique practice building and personal growth organization that has revolutionized the traditional model of coaching for doctors of chiropractic and other wellness providers.

Throughout his career, he has achieved a wide variety of honors including becoming the 12th President of the International Chiropractors Association, Chairman of the Board of the New York Chiropractic Council, bestselling author, sought after coach, international speaker, and the profession’s lead coach on how to successfully run a Brain Based Wellness practice. His reputation precedes him, as he has successfully mentored and guided thousands of doctors and their teams to professional excellence and personal mastery.

Dennis Perman DC, healer, author, speaker, producer and coach, is co-founder of The Masters Circle Global, a leadership coaching and practice building company, dedicated to raising the standards and the consciousness of the chiropractic profession. His original concepts on identity, self-development, Capacity Technology and practice fulfillment have inspired thousands of doctors and blazed new trails in chiropractic education, personal growth and profitability.

Author of several newsletters and seven books, including “New Patients Every Day,” he has over one million words in print. He is the executive producer of TMCtv, the world’s largest online video success library for chiropractors, and co-hosts the weekly live stream series “Thrive in Five” with his partner, Dr. Bob Hoffman. Dennis is happily married to Regina for over forty years, and has three sons and two grandchildren. His “Message of the Week” has been published for twenty-three years.