Speaker Schedule


November 8, 2020

kowalke round

Dr. Erik Kowalke

There's an Automation for That: How New Technology Can Save Time, Improve Patient Outcomes, and Build Stronger Patient/Doctor Relationships

Burns round

Dr. Krista Burns

Profit from Posture: How to Fuse Posture, Neurology, and Patient Care to Build a Profitable Practice

matthew round

Dr. Matthew Loop

Social Media Like a Pro: Social Media Profit and Impact Strategies to Grow Your Visibility, Authority, and Income

kiran round

Kiran Krishnan

The Inflamed Brain: How Your Unhealthy Gut Is Killing Your Brain

melissa round

Dr. Melissa Petersen

Epigenetics: The Key To Precision Health Care

keller round

Dr. Alex Keller

The Virtual Dispensary: The Evolution of Your Supplement Closet


November 9, 2020

paul round

Dr. Paul Barattiero

The Hydrogen Hack: Modulating Cognitive Function, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation with H2

demartino round

Dr. Robert DeMartino

Energetic Debt: Are "Energy Vampires" Making You Sick?

lindsey round

Dr. Nicole D'Ippolito Lindsey

10X Your Practice: The Power of MD Referral to Build Authority, Credibility, and Reach

michael round

Dr. Michael Greger

Never Diet Again: How to Quit Dieting for Good & Finally Reach Peak Physical Health

brett jones round

Dr. Brett Jones

Energy Over Matter: The Power of Consistency to Connect With Your Higher Self and Generate Massive Success in Your Practice

al meyer Round

Al Meyer

How Attorneys and Health Professionals Can Work Together To Serve Their Communities


November 10, 2020

tabor round

Dr. Tabor Smith

The Spinal Hygiene Education System for Creating lIfetime Practice Members!

Dr. P 300x300

Dr. William Pawluk

The Electromagnetic Effect: How to Improve Patient Outcomes And Increase Revenue With PEMF Therapy

chen round

Dr. Chen Yen

How to Grow Your Practice More Effortlessly the Introverted Way (plus developing the right team)

Melillo round

Dr. Rob Melillo

Reach & Help More People With a Brain-Based Model: Why Functional Neurology is The Future Of Healthcare

oBryan round

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Make a Bigger Impact: The Key Habits & Behaviors That Keep You at the Top of Your Patients' Minds

dr alan round

Dr. Alan Weinstein

Communication, Competition, Conversion: Teaching patients what you do, why you do it, and why they need To refer all their friends and family.

crawford round

Dr. Brandon Crawford

Advanced Approaches in Chiropractic Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Care


November 11, 2020

Dennis Perman

Dr. Dennis Perman

Friction: The Hidden Obstacle In Your Practice and How To Eliminate It

Koren round

Dr. Tedd Koren

Finding The Secret, Hidden Subluxations - Every Time

julie round

Dr. Julie McLaughlin

A Simple Change: How Adding Easy-to-Implement Functional Labs Will Help You Grow A Thriving Practice in Uncertain Times

brimhall round

Dr. John Brimhall

6 Steps to Wellness: Maximizing Your Impact and Effectiveness with Every Patient

mcallister round

Dr. Sherry McAllister

For the Love of Chiropractic: Sharing the Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Your Community

node round

Dr. Node Smith

Pop-Up Clinics in Underserved Areas: A Revolution in Modern Practice


November 12, 2020

stuart round

Dr. Stuart Hoffman

Bulletproof Your Practice: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes, Stay Compliant, and Keep up With An Ever-Changing Medical Landscape

rob hanapole round

Dr. Rob Hanopole

A Laser-Focused Approach to Patient & Practice Success!

monika round

Dr. Monika Buerger

The Looming Epidemic: The Shocking & Inevitable Future of Children Without Chiropractic Care

Bodzin round

Dr. Miles Bodzin

Profitability from Loyalty: How to Create a Thriving Practice With a Membership Model


Dr. Thomas Roselle

Mosaic: How to Create a Multidisciplinary Chiropractic Practice, Fusing the Best of Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Nutrition & More in a 100% Cash Model

howard cohn round

Dr. Howard Cohn

Vital Techniques for Advanced Healers


November 13, 2020

Cedermark round

Dr. Ryan Cedermark

How to Build a Better Brain: Using Spinal Alignment and Mobilization to Boost Brain Function

barwell round

Dr. Richard Barwell

The Truth About Brain Stress: How to Build a Better Practice With A Neurological Approach

kathy round

Kathy Mills Chang

Mastering Your Clinic's Medicare Practice: How to See Medicare Patients on Your Terms - While Staying Compliant and Profitable

murphy round

Daniel J. Murphy DC, DABCO

Master Your Practice: How to Deepen Your Impact Through Chiropractic Neuroimmunology

kylie round

Dr. Kyle Daigle

Neurosage! Using Video Games to Improve Brain Function in Children, Seniors, and Trauma Patients

tom klapp round

Dr. Tom Klapp

How OneChiropractic Helps You Spread Your Message and Engage Patients


November 14, 2020

porter round

Dr. Patrick Porter

Boost Your Vibrations: How the Latest Science in Light, Sound, and Technology can Elevate Your Practice

steve round

Steve Weber

Patient Engagement Trends: The 5 Musts For Practice Growth

davis round

Dr. Matthew Davis

The Missing Link: The Most Important Aspect of Clinic Growth That You've Never Considered

ofili round

Dr. Paul Ofili

Art, Communication and Business in the new generation

Lamarche round

Dr. Gilles Lamarche

YOU 2.0: How to Make More Money, Serve More People, and Be Happier than Ever

glowaki round

Dr. Brad Glowaki

Dignity: How Respect Attracts Unlimited New Patients