The Ultimate Practice Revitalization Program

$395.00 $97.00



What’s included in the Ultimate Practice Revitalization 10-hr program:

This is a complete course in transforming your practice to the most exciting, most accessible and most lucrative way to practice – the Brain-Based Wellness way. Revitalize your practice, revitalize your career – be a thought leader, and lift your community up!

You will learn:

  • The basic building blocks of a Brain-Based Vitality Practice
  • New questions to ask in consultation to begin to change the conversation
  • A new report of findings that quickly and thoroughly engages the patient in a wellness orientation
  • A fresh and effective approach to patient education
  • A better way to explain and deliver your adjustment so patients understand it and value it
  • A health talk based on stress, the brain and the real value of chiropractic care
  • How to create and maintain a mindset of Brain-Based Wellness success


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