At The Practice Upgrade Summit, You’ll Learn:

Meet Your Summit Hosts
Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Dennis Perman

Dr. Bob Hoffman is the President of The Masters Circle Global, a unique practice and personal growth organization that has revolutionized the traditional coaching model for doctors, chiropractors, and other wellness providers.

Throughout his career, he’s achieved a wide variety of honors, including becoming the 12th President of the International Chiropractors Association and the New York Chiropractic Council’s board’s Chairman. He’s also a bestselling author, a well-respected coach, an in-demand international speaker, and the profession’s lead coach on how to run a brain-based wellness practice successfully.

His reputation precedes him at the Practice Upgrade summit, having previously mentored thousands of doctors and their teams to help them reach new levels of professional and personal excellence.

Dennis Perman DC, is the co-founder of The Masters Circle Global, a leadership coaching and practice building company dedicated to raising the chiropractic profession’s standards and consciousness. His original concepts on identity, self-development, capacity technology, and practice fulfillment have inspired thousands of doctors and blazed new trails in chiropractic education, personal growth, and profitability.

A prolific writer of several newsletters and seven books, including “New Patients Every Day,” Perman has more than one million words in print. He’s also a speaker, producer, coach, and the executive producer of TMCtv, the world’s most extensive online video success library for chiropractors. He co-hosts the weekly live stream series “Thrive in Five” with his partner Dr. Bob Hoffman.

Dennis has been happily married to his wife Regina for over forty years. The couple has three sons and two grandchildren. His “Message of the Week” has been published for twenty-three years.


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Our Presenters

Dr. Erik Kowalke

There's an Automation for That: How New Technology Can Save Time, Improve Patient Outcomes, and Build Stronger Patient/Doctor Relationships

  • How to integrate patient management and communications technology to boost engagement
  • How to efficiently move from a paper to a computer-based filing system for ease and efficiency
  • Simple ways to incorporate new technology in your practice (even if you’re not tech-savvy)

Dr. Krista Burns

Profit from Posture: How to Fuse Posture, Neurology, and Patient Care to Build a Profitable Practice

  • An easy-to-follow roadmap to integrating new elements into your practice with minimal disruption.
  • How helping your clients maintain proper posture can boost your profits

Dr. Matthew Loop

Social Media Like a Pro: Social Media Profit and Impact Strategies to Grow Your Visibility, Authority, and Income

  • How to create a cohesive and strategic social media plan
  • How to manage a regular social media schedule in just a few hours each week
  • Why social media is the key to skyrocketing your practice

Kiran Krishnan

The Inflamed Brain: How Your Unhealthy Gut Is Killing Your Brain

The more we study about the brain, the more we realize the role the gut plays in maintaining an optimal environment for the nerve system to do its precise work. For many people, poor gut health is a primary cause of inflammation of the brain, and Dr. Kiran Krishnan is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the gut-brain connection and how to decrease brain infllamation. Watch and learn new ways to serve your patients and improve your results!

Dr. Melissa Petersen

Epigenetics: The Key To Precision Health Care

  • How your patients’ lifestyle decision dramatically affect their genetic activity (and how to help them understand the implications of these choices)
  • How regular chiropractic care can influence healthy genetic expression

Dr. Alex Keller

The Virtual Dispensary: The Evolution of Your Supplement Closet

In the continuing evolution of the delivery of your services to your patients, the virtual dispensary helps you reduce costs for inventory, deliver supplements efficiently to your patients, and add to your bottom line, stresslessly and effectively. Dr. Alex Keller, medical director of FullScript, explains how you can use this modern approach to reducing your patient’s chemical stress while developing a new and potent profit center.

Dr. Paul Barattiero

The Hydrogen Hack: Modulating Cognitive Function, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation with H2

Sometimes the simplest ideas yield the greatest benefits, and having sufficient hydrogen in your metabolism is often overlooked in its support of cognitive function and its role in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Dr Paul Barratiero is an expert in the application of hydrogen water, and explains how you can serve your patients and build your practice with this lesser known but highly significant complement to your care plans.

Dr. Robert DeMartino

Energetic Debt: Are "Energy Vampires" Making You Sick?

  • How to identify energetic debt within your practice
  • Why energetic debt is the secret killer of profits and success

Dr. Nicole D'Ippolito Lindsey

10X Your Practice: The Power of MD Referral to Build Authority, Credibility, and Reach

  • The right (and wrong) ways to promote your practice to MDs
  • Why networking is so vital to the long-term success of your clinic (even if you’re currently thriving)
  • How to identify the specific needs of your local MDs so you can forge symbiotic partnerships

Dr. Michael Greger

Never Diet Again: How to Quit Dieting for Good & Finally Reach Peak Physical Health

  • Why a plant-based diet is among the best ways to improve your long-term health (and practical ways to get started)
  • How eating well can reduce toxicity in the body
  • How to support your patients’ search for better health and introduce new and exciting profit centers.

Dr. Brett Jones

Energy Over Matter: The Power of Consistency to Connect With Your Higher Self and Generate Massive Success in Your Practice

How do we actually connect “man the physical” with “man the spiritual,” as DD Palmer discussed? Hear a visionary thought leader, Dr. Brett Jones, share his insights into acting consistently with your higher self to generate massive success in practice.

Al Meyer

How Attorneys and Health Professionals Can Work Together To Serve Their Communities

Learning the ropes of integrated practice can be intimidating, but less so with able guides to help you navigate the terrain. Al Meyer is one of the most experienced health care attorneys in the nation, working extensively to help chiropractors and other kinds of doctors to work together for the benefit of patients

Dr. Tabor Smith

The Spinal Hygiene Education System for Creating lIfetime Practice Members!

Anyone who understands success in practice realizes that the quality of your communication is a prime determining factor in developing your relationships with your clientele, and nobody does it better than Dr. Tabor Smith, who presents his Spinal Hygiene Education System to show you how to engage your patients for a lifetime!

Dr. William Pawluk

The Electromagnetic Effect: How to Improve Patient Outcomes And Increase Revenue With PEMF Therapy

  • The why and how of using PEMF therapy in your practice
  • How PEMF Therapy can supply vital energy to your cells, tissues, and organs
  • How PEMF can reduce patient pain without the side effects of medications or surgery

Dr. Chen Yen

How to Grow Your Practice More Effortlessly the Introverted Way (plus developing the right team)

  • How to make your practice run seamlessly without you (so you can finally  take a vacation)
  • How to find and hire a team you can trust
  • Why a team-based practice is more effective and profitable than a practice dependant entirely on you

Dr. Rob Melillo

Reach & Help More People With a Brain-Based Model: Why Functional Neurology is The Future Of Healthcare

  • How you can integrate functional neurology into your current practice model 
  • How to reach a broader audience without increasing your marketing budget
  • How to get to know your clients on a deeper level to make a more significant impact

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Make a Bigger Impact: The Key Habits & Behaviors That Keep You at the Top of Your Patients' Minds

  • The simple habits that successful practitioners do every day
  • How to help minimize your patients’ risk for pain and illness
  • How to restructure your practice to help people at a deeper level and make a bigger difference

Dr. Alan Weinstein

Communication, Competition, Conversion: Teaching patients what you do, why you do it, and why they need to refer all their friends and family.

Top shelf marketer and chiropractic entrepreneur Dr. Alan Weinstein shows you how to use contemporary persuasion techniques to cause your patients to make an indelible, lifelong connection with you and with chiropractic, and — spoiler alert — the secret is speaking a language they already understand. Learn to apply the cutting edge of communication to build ideal patients and bulletproof your practice, no matter what challenges arise.

Dr. Brandon Crawford

Advanced Approaches in Chiropractic Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Care

  • A top flight functional neurologist and the founder of Shedlight, Dr. Brandon Crawford brings an uplifting flair to dealing with some of our toughest cases, children with autism and neurodevelopmental problems. His unique application of laser, along with his advanced chiropractic techniques, wil shed light on the best approaches for caring for children with special needs, as well as the most challenging chronic pain patients.

Dr. Dennis Perman

Friction: The Hidden Obstacle In Your Practice and How To Eliminate It

There is a hidden obstacle in your practice that prevents your patients from fully appreciating everything you have to offer them — it’s friction, the resistance that is inherent in many office procedures and protocols. In this in-depth analysis of the friction points in your practice, Dr. Dennis Perman shows you how to streamline your process so you can serve more patients, keep them happy and improve your profitability.


Dr. Tedd Koren

Finding the secret, hidden subluxations - every time

  • How to understand the deeper issues your patient is experiencing (that they may not articulate)
  • How to identify precisely which treatments (and delivery systems) are best for every diagnosis

Dr. Julie McLaughlin

A Simple Change: How Adding Easy-to-Implement Functional Labs Will Help You Grow A Thriving Practice in Uncertain Times

  • How and why you should build functional labs into your regular practice 
  • How these labs can not only provide more in-depth patient data but can also serve as an additional profit center for your clinic

Dr. John Brimhall

6 Steps to Wellness: Maximizing Your Impact and Effectiveness with Every Patient

  • A first-of-its-kind all-encompassing approach to health and chiropractic care
  • Six simple steps to help your patients reach their peak physical and mental wellness
  • How to maximize profits within your practice

Dr. Sherry McAllister

For the Love of Chiropractic: Sharing the Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Your Community

  • How you can give back to the profession that has given you so much
  • The net effect of community outreach on your practice and your reputation
  • How to build a busier, more lucrative, and more satisfying practice

Dr. Node Smith

Pop-Up Clinics in Underserved Areas: A Revolution in Modern Practice

  • Rising star in naturopathy Dr. Node Smith reveals a revolutionary re-invention of the “country doctor” — developing a mobile route in underserved areas to get quality health care to patieints who might otherwise have to go without. If you have access to rural, small town areas with few or no doctors, there’s an opportunity for you to help a lot of people and make a bigger difference with your career.

Dr. Stuart Hoffman

Bulletproof Your Practice: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes, Stay Compliant, and Keep up With An Ever-Changing Medical Landscape

  • How to practice safely and legally to stay out of hot water
  • The unwritten ethics of chiropractic care that could cost you customers
  • The people and publication you should follow to stay up to date on the most recent compliance rules and regulations

Dr. Rob Hanopole

A Laser-Focused Approach to Patient & Practice Success!

An expert in non-invasive alternative solutions to drugs and surgery, Dr. Rob Hanopole reveals yet another strategy for helping people and increasing your bottom line, the effective use of laser therapy. Watch as Dr. Rob shows you how to create a “business within your business” that expands your service to your patients and improves your profitability.

Dr. Monika Buerger

The Looming Epidemic: The Shocking & Inevitable Future of Children Without Chiropractic Care

  • How prenatal stress affects your baby
  • How your wellness during pregnancy imprints itself on your baby’s cellular memory
  • The amazing and terrifying realities of unchecked wellness

Dr. Miles Bodzin

Profitability from Loyalty: How to Create a Thriving Practice With a Membership Model

  • How to boost long-term patient retention rates
  • How to create fair and sustainable financial policies within your practice
  • How to reduce patient stress while building a thriving practice

Dr. Thomas Roselle

Mosaic: How to Create a Multidisciplinary Chiropractic Practice, Fusing the Best of Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Nutrition & More in a 100% Cash Model

  • Why a cash-model may be the best path for your practice
  • How to seamlessly blend chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, acupuncture, nutrition, and more
  • Why an integrative practice is a more lucrative option than your current setup

Dr. Howard Cohn

Vital Techniques for Advanced Healers

Master healers are hard to find, and those few who reach these heights do it through a vast array of different approaches, so no patient walks in with a problem they can’t solve. Dr. Howard Cohn is such a master healer, and in this review of his techniques and recommendations, he reveals a practical yet all-inclusive methodology to deal with each patient’s physical, chemical and emotional stresses.

Dr. Ryan Cedermark

How to Build a Better Brain: Using Spinal Alignment and Mobilization to Boost Brain Function

  • The impact of regular adjustments on the function and efficiency of the brain
  • How your frontal lobe (and decision making abilities) are affected by chiropractic care
  • How to apply advanced neurological concepts to turbo-charge your care and dazzle your patients

Dr. Richard Barwell

The Truth About Brain Stress: How to Build a Better Practice With A Neurological Approach

  • What factors cause the most brain stress and how you can prevent and treat it (in yourself and your patients)
  • How to build functional neurology into your practice (regardless of your specialty)
  • How a focus on neurology can help you catch diagnoses that you may have otherwise missed

Kathy Mills Chang

Mastering Your Clinic's Medicare Practice: How to See Medicare Patients on Your Terms - While Staying Compliant and Profitable

If you’ve ever thought that medicare was the enemy, you need to listen to and learn from Kathy Mills Chang, one of our profession’s foremost experts in third party pay, compliance and team-building. She makes complex concepts simple, so watch and enjoy.

Daniel J. Murphy DC, DABCO

Master Your Practice: How to Deepen Your Impact Through Chiropractic Neuroimmunology

  • A torrent of valuable resources from journals, books, and studies that can help you reach the top of your field
  • Practical and actionable ways to implement these lessons into your practice

Dr. Kyle Daigle

Neurosage! Using Video Games to Improve Brain Function in Children, Seniors, and Trauma Patients

  • Why video games and virtual reality are the future of chiropractic treatment
  • How to use video games like Neurosage to heal traumatic brain injuries and speed recovery times
  • How to use these fun tools to attract a whole new client pool to your practice

Dr. Tom Klapp

How OneChiropractic Helps You Spread Your Message and Engage Patients

Dr. Tom Klapp has been a leader is state and national politics and in chiropractic education for decades, and in this fast-paced conversation, he talks about OneChiropractic, an organization dedicated to promoting the chiropractic message to patients worldwide. This is a direct route to increasing awareness and market share in your community, by engaging patients so they can tell their story to others like them, for the betterment of all.

Dr. Patrick Porter

Boost Your Vibrations: How the Latest Science in Light, Sound, and Technology can Elevate Your Practice

  • A breakthrough healing methodology you can quickly and easily implement in your office, 
  • How to expand your service offerings beyond your local community
  • How to use vibrations, light, and sound to boost your visibility and become an authority in your field

Steve Weber

Patient Engagement Trends: The 5 Musts For Practice Growth

Why are people more likely to respond to texts than they are to email? Tap into the psychology of the contemporary health care consumer, and learn from Steve Weber how to use mobile devices to communicate in a language they understand.

Dr. Matthew Davis

The Missing Link: The Most Important Aspect of Clinic Growth That You've Never Considered

Smart chiropractic entrepreneurs and businesspeople recognize that a practice is among a doctor’s top three assets, sometimes the most valuable asset, and as such, it’s critical to understand how to value your practice, how to prepare it for sale well in advance of your intended sale or retirement, and to avoid the mistakes many doctors make in this under-appreciated area of business. Dr. Matt Davis is one of the industry’s foremost experts, and he pulls no punches in explaining the opportunities and pitfalls of practice valuation.

Dr. Paul Ofili

What it Takes to Succeed: Art, Communication and Business in the Modern World

What are the qualities of the successful modern practitioner? Learn a contemporary viewpoint on chiropractic success from Dr. Paul Ofili, a rising star in chiropractic business and coaching, who will share his insights to help you build your practice.

Dr. Gilles Lamarche

YOU 2.0: How to Make More Money, Serve More People, and Be Happier than Ever

  • How to become a source of health and happiness for as many people as possible
  • The easy-to-follow principles of success that will make you happier every day
  • Effective ways to boost your practice’s income without spending more or offering more services

Dr. Brad Glowaki

Dignity: How Respect Attracts Unlimited New Patients

  • Ask anyone in chiropractic, who is the predominant thought leader on new patients and most will tell you, the new patient maven, Dr. Brad Glowaki. In this quick-paced survey of new patient generating techniques, you will learn how to fill your office with as many high quality new patients as you can handle, no matter what thje current conditions may be. Build your practice by developing cultural authority, and make a bigger impact in your community!